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Hobbits pipe jade plant ( Crassula Gollum )

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I purchased this in the novelty plant section of Walmart near Halloween.

Crassula gollum will reach about a foot and a half in height and about two feet in diameter. It is hardy to zone 8b so it should winter over just fine down here. Like most succulents it’ll take all the sun you can give it. And it wants very little water.

If a leaf falls off, leave it be and the leaf will often root where it falls. It is a very slow grower so it is excellent in rock gardens or as a bonsai plant. When it receives lots of sun, as it does in the summer months, tips of leaves will get red same as a traditional jade plant.

As it ages it will develop thick grayish stems similar to jade and these leaves will be seen only on the ends of the stems. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘jade tree’.

It is supposed to be an extremely easy to care for slow growing plant. I stuck in the ground in my south-west bed in mid Oct and have done nothing to it since.

This plant was slow to get going and took about 4 years to reach full size. Then came along several hard freezes and I lost it.

Give it lots of sun, lots of heat, not too much water or cold and it’ll do just fine.

crassula one year later Nov 08

crassula one year later Nov 08

Written by Linda MacPhee-Cobb

January 25th, 2008 at 5:00 am