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Conservation through cultivation

Update March 6th, 2017

I know things haven’t been updated much around here, but I’m starting to work on it.

Old entries on current events have been deleted ( unless there are cool photos with them ) and a current list of this spring’s major garden events has been posted.

An amazing amount of government sites that were linked to are no longer online. I’ll be replacing them with other information sites as I find them.

Updates to all the plants, new photos and information will happen late April, early May. I’m still waiting to see what returns from last winter’s hard freeze.

We’re all upset about the EPA but there is a lot you can do:
Plant low impact gardens ( low water, fertilizer, insecticide use ) be an example for your neighbors.

I’ve switched from RoundUp to using my mix, which works better. ( 1 gallon water, 2 cups bleach, 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap )

Consider using stone and more hardscaping instead of mulch. Rumor is they have been clear cutting cypress groves around the gulf to provide mulch. Stones last longer.

Since we’ll lose many safe spots for endangered plants consider joining the ‘Save through propagation’ movement. There are lots of labs and nurseries cloning endangered plants. You can purchase flasks of plants online, grow them up, propagate them and get them in the hands of as many other gardeners as possible.

This year’s projects include:
– Working on the bigger picture for the gardens. More design, less random cool plants.
– Test tube propagation
– Cleaning and updating this site and possibly moving the houseplant site into this site.
– More links to plant and environment science stories

Houzz Top Trends in Landscaping 2017


Cleared out the winter damaged and overgrown plants

Starting to see some progress. There are bulbs planted in all the beds and lots of cuttings getting started