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Conservation through cultivation

Toad Lily ( Tricyrtis formosana )

This is a plant I picked up a March Mart and it went into bloom late Oct. It is a great plant in that it likes shade and blooms late in the year when little else is blooming.

It will reach 2′-3′ in height when full grown and spread about 2′.

Toad lilies prefer part shade but will bloom happily in full shade too. They will get leggy if they need more sun. Feel free to cut it back, it will grow back up again.

Water should be average to wet, but not dry. It will go dormant if it gets too dry. We are at the lower edge of where it will grow, it prefers a cooler climate.

This one has spread and thrived so far. It is in an area of average dampness and quite shady.

Toad lily handles Houston’s extreme temperatures easily.

Blooms appear in October and it blooms for about a month or two depending on the weather.

If you like unusual flowers, or are looking for a small plant that will bloom in fall in the shade, consider this one. The photos don’t do it justice. This is one of my favorite plants and I’ve put in a second one.

Over half of these plants are found in Japan, where they are native. They have not yet spread much beyond there.

This is one of my favorite plants, it is barely surviving the drought and 3 months of 100’F plus days the summer of 2011, hoping it’ll thrive again when the weather breaks