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Fertilizer app now iCloud enabled

How much fertilizer does your garden or lawn need?
Which plant nutrients does your lawn and garden need?
Download the fertilizer calculator to find out and to track your garden feedings

– Calculate how many pounds or kilograms of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are in a bag of fertilizer
– Calculate how many square feet or square meters a bag of fertilizer will cover in your garden or on your lawn
– Easily calculate the rate to convert on hand fertilizer to a different strength
– Learn what the different plant nutrients do for your plants
– Learn what plant symptoms relate to which plant nutrient
– Keep a record of dates fertilized
– Backup your data by email
– iCloud enabled, store your data local or in the iCloud
– Keep short notes on fertilizer dates
– The best lawn and garden tips

– US and Metric units
– Universal app, runs natively on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad

Fertilizer App