Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

Houston Plants and Droughts

Now that summer might be winding down it’s time to take stock of which plants survived almost 3 months of 100’F plus heat and no rain and strict watering restrictions.

What can you do during an extreme summer of heat and drought for your plants?
– Don’t fertilize
– Water very deeply when allowed, poke holes in ground if needed to help water get down deep into the soil
– Add soil conditioners that hold water, there are several on the market, I use moss
– Mulch thickly
– Trim plants or remove some leaves from plants that are in trouble, most of the water they lose is through the leaves

Survivors of the great drought and heat wave of 2011

Bay leaf tree
Meyer lemon tree
Southern Magnolia
River birch
Japanese yew
Crape Myrtle
Little gem magnolia
Yaupon holly

Citrosa Geranium
Flaming torch
Oregon grapeholly
Coral bean
Red fairy duster
Lion’s ear
Tea roses
Shrimp plant
American Beautyberry
Texas firecracker
Turk’s Cap
Cigar plant
Chinese indigo
Sago palm
Tree philodendron

Mother fern
Japanese holly fern
Cameo Quince
Thryalis Galphimia
Nun’s orchid
African blood lily
Ground orchid
Violet squill
Society garlic
Cardboard palm
Toad lily
Liriope muscari
Horsetail rush
Asparagus fern
Aztec grass
Coral vine
Yellow water flag iris
Jasmine vine
Sparkler grass

Soapweed yucca

Emerald Bamboo
Golden Hawaiian Bamboo

Root beer plant
Bird of Paradise
Jewel Pagoda ginger
Butterfly ginger
Peacock ginger
Variegated shell ginger
Curcuma gingers
Pine cone ginger
Philodendron Xanadu Cutleaf
Synandrospadix vermitoxicus
Alocasia plumbea metallica
Leopard plant
Bear’s breech
Castor bean
Giant Crinum lily
Pineapple lily
White veined Dutchman’s pipe
Windmill palm