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Plants for dry shady areas

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The The Woodlands Garden Club had speaker come talk to us about plants for dry shady Gulf Coast areas. Many of these are plants I already grow and can vouch for, others I’ll be trying.

Nun’s orchid ( Phaius tankervilliae )

Cast Iron Plant

Mother fern
Japanese holly fern
Slender Brake fern
Asparagus fern
Foxtail fern
Tongue fern

Lyre leaf sage ( Salvia lyrata )

Columbines ( Hinkley columbine aquilegia hinckleyana )

Shrimp plant

African Hosta ( Drimiopsis maculate )

Ground orchid (Spathoglottis plicata)

Toad lily ( Tricyrtis formosana)


Cardinal Flower ( Lobelia cardinalis )

Jewel Pagoda (Zingiber Neglectum)
Butterfly Ginger ( Zingberaceae hedychium)
Dancing lady ginger ( Zingiberaceae Globba obscura )
Curcuma gingers
Peacock Ginger ( Kaempheria Pulchria )
Pine cone ginger aka shampoo ginger ( Zingiber zerumbet )
Variegated shell ginger ( Alpinia zerumbet )


Nuccio’s Gem Camellia ( Camellia japonica )

Sweet Olive

Banana shrub

Virginia sweetspire