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Conservation through cultivation

Scadoxus ‘Flaming Torch’ (Scadoxus punlcaus )

This was a Mercer March March purchase two years ago, last year it settled in, the beginning of March this year it put out its first bloom. I had a terrible time trying to id it. Luckily I found the tag buried under several inches of soil.

This plant is in mostly shade, some dappled morning sun and in a bed that is more dry than damp. I’m told it will also do well in full sun, I haven’t tried. I’ve also read it prefers moist to damp soil.

As well as ‘flaming torch’ it is also called ‘paintbrush lily’, ‘blood lily’, ‘African blood lily’.

Scadoxus is a bulb, native to South Africa.

As it ages we should see several more flowers each year growing up from the base of the plant.

Dormant in the winter, died back to the ground this winter ( 2009-2010 ) but did not die back in previous warmer winters.

This makes a good container plant.

Cold tolerant through zone 8a, heat tolerant through zone 11.

May be propagated from fresh seed, but will take about 5 years to reach flowering size.

All of this plant is toxic.

Survived the extreme heat and drought of the summer of 2011, ice storms, freezes, it’s one of the first plants to bloom each spring.

This one receives full afternoon sun with little shelter and is in one of drier areas of the garden in the summer.

It’s 2017 and this neglected plant is still chugging along. It’s up to 3 flower stalks in the spring.