Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

Ike one year and one drought later

The gardens took a beating after Ike. I did a lot of planting right after Ike. Winter came and went. Summer brought with it a drought.

Here’s how things stand one year after Ike.

The bamboo has been the biggest surprise, despite being a water loving plant it thrived all summer. It is clearly also a sun worshiper.

The bog and tropical gardens took the biggest beating this year. I lost several plants, and there are several more I’ll be removing just because they look so ragged.

I’ve put in a second low water area, it’s been a big hit with the neighbors. At least a dozen people have come by to ask questions about it. The night blooming ceres was the real star of the show there.

The gingers are all new, or relocated after Ike. They had a really rough time with the drought, yet all pulled through. I’m expecting this area will be gorgeous next summer.

The tropical woodlands area lost most of the tropicals. I’ll remove what’s left of them and stick to more traditional woodland plants there.

So there are lots of plants to be moved or removed in the coming weeks.

After the cleanup photos