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Fall cleanup time

It took a little less than 100 lawn and leaf bags, and 1 month but the gardens have been beaten back into submission for yet another year. In spring and more so in the fall I try to take the gardens from a really cool collection of plants to a fine landscaped garden.

I try to follow the basic landscape design rules for small spaces ( see below links ). This time I was lucky enough to attend a lecture by Nelson’s Water Gardens part way through my cleanup and picked up some more advice.

From Nelsons: Remove the mid range plants – keep the tall stuff, keep the low stuff, junk the middle stuff.

When in doubt I used the advice from Nelson’s and that helped.

Other new things I learned:
– Don’t let the sago go, rip those pups out immediately. The sago out front was a two day project all by itself.

Simple rules I use to cleanup
– Remove dead plants
– Remove plants that refuse to stand up straight
– Prune all trees up to 8′ high, remove all branched below that level.
– When in doubt, remove it
– Relocate any plant crowding other plants.

– Gingers can be cut back to the ground in the fall or spring if you wish
– Take photos – landscape shots, not individual plants. I find I miss lots of things that are obvious when I take some time to look at the photos on the computer.

I still have to cleanup the yaupon clusters out back, but I’m just about done with this year’s big clean up.

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Before Last month’s pre cleaning garden shots