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Conservation through cultivation

October Garden

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After Ike recovery continues. I had to take down an additional two trees. Two of my crape myrtles out front kept leaning and it was clear they weren’t long for this world.

I’ve put in a total of 8 bamboos now. I’m hoping they will give us back shade out front more quickly than would regular trees. Time will tell.

I finally able to get down to visit Caldwell’s Nursery with Nancy a few weeks back. I found a ‘tea hibiscus’ and a ‘variegated crinium’ both of which have now been planted. The nursery was clearly still recovering from the storm, so it probably wasn’t the best time to visit. Many plants were unlabeled and a bit ragged looking.

We went because they offer many unusual and difficult to find plants. Almost every plant we saw was labeled ‘rare’ in fact. But I did find two new plants and am most certainly planning to make a journey down there a couple of times a year to see what other new and interesting plants I can find.

They have a wonderful garden at the far back that is full of bamboo. I enjoyed sitting back there and envisioning how the bamboo will look around here in a few years.