Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

After the storm

Before and after photos of the garden are posted. The front took the worst hit we lost a pine, yaupon, sweet gum, and crape myrtle. When they came down they each took several smaller plants with them.

The back garden is also not a pretty site, but I think most of those plants will recover.

Now that the weather is cooling slightly and cleanup is moving along this is a good time to take cuttings from plants still alive and start rooting them to replace some of what you’ve lost. I think I have propagation instructions for most of the plants I’ve covered. If you don’t see them find a similar plant or drop a note and I’ll get you instructions.

Most of your damaged plants will grow back from the roots. It’ll take them a little while to fill back out but the fall weather will help.

Don’t forget to fertilize. The rain washed away what little nutrients the Houston soil contains and your plants will need that food to regrow.

You may need to move some plants that are now in the sun and do not want to be in the sun. Don’t wait too long.