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Conservation through cultivation

Red fairy duster ( Calliandra compacta )

Calliandra compacta

Calliandra compacta flower

This is an easy plant to grow, give it lots of sun and just a little water. It is often used in xeriscapes or desert gardens.  I found when I first planted it it would sulk when dry, so keep the soil moist until it is settled.

It will bloom year round.  This one was not blooming when I purchased it at Mercer and broke out in full blooms a week after I planted it.  Bees, hummingbirds and butterflies love this plant.

It can easily be propagated by root cuttings.

It will typically reach 2′ in height with a 2′ spread. It is fast growing until it reaches full size, then requires very little pruning to keep its size and shape.  All in all a very low maintenance plant.

Does not survive freezes, this one was lost over the winter of 2009-2010.
I planted another one, survived the summer 2011 great drought and heat.