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10 more design tips for small spaces

While I can grow the plants my design skills leave much to be desired. But I am learning. These are some more tips I learned at a recent talk I attended on small garden design. The speaker has put much of his knowledge up online at The Online Plant Guide where you’ll be able to find more information about various plants to give your garden the look you desire.

I. Don’t choose plants just because they are pretty. ( Oh I am so guilty of this ! ) Think about how a plant will fit into the over all design and how it will relate to your other plants.

II. Use all of your senses when choosing plants. Feel the texture, the smell, the noises the plant creates. Don’t just use sight.

III. Consider how much maintenance the garden you are creating will need. Do you want to be working in garden every day? Or do you just want to sit in your garden?

IV. Open backed, open in general furniture feels less heavy and works better in small gardens.

V. Look up. How does the sky and your tree canopy fit into your garden design?

VI. Repeat plantings to tie things together.

VII. Strong colored shiny pots placed deep in your plantings will draw in your eyes and make a statement.

VIII. Let the plants escape the tight spaces a little. Let them come over the pot or climb out of the border a little bit.

IX. Use small spaces of lawn as an added texture.

X. Prune up your old shrubs into trees and plant smaller plants around the bases of them.