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Why you can’t get accurate gardening information in the mainstream press

Wow I am stunned!

I received the following email this morning. Is it any wonder that gardeners can not get accurate information? Mind you this is someone claiming to be a reporter, not a columnist.

I just love the fair and balanced approach. I can see this reporter’s articles will be full of facts and useful information.

Hello garden bloggers!

I am a reporter from Columbia News Service writing an article about a study that found the fragrance of flowers in urban areas has decreased over time as a result of air pollution.

As famous garden bloggers, I was hoping to ask you questions about your garden maintenance, planting choices and any pollination issues you might have. If you long for the days gone by – clean air, more plants, etc. – you will be the perfect voice in this story.

My deadline is unfortunately quite soon – Thursday evening – but I was still hoping to spend a few minutes speaking with you over the phone; I promise to make time for everyone interested in speaking with me. Please feel free to call my cell phone anytime at xxx-xxx-xxxx. It is rare that I do not pick up a call, but please leave a message if you get voicemail and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Columbia News Service is a news features wire where stories are written by Columbia University journalism master’s degree students and distributed over the New York Times Wire. My CNS pieces have been published in The Chicago Tribune, Washington Olympian, Indiana Gazette, Palm Beach Post and more.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx

Columbia University Journalism
Columbia News Service

So where can gardeners go to get accurate information?

Your local Extension Office, now Texas AgriLife is an excellent source. Most offices have a large volunteer group of Master Gardeners well trained and available to help you.

Another good source is universities. Many have extensive pages online with more information than you could ever put to use.

See my Resources for Texas Gardeners Page for sources I trust.