Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

Tree eating bugs and reappearing plants

The back is done, at least as much as a garden ever is. There are a few sparse areas still but they will fill in as the plants fill out and I’ll grab a few more plants at sales over time. I was even brave enough to plant a full vegetable bed this year. I’ve some tomatoes in pots that are doing well. So I added a few more tomatoes in the ground and some peppers and a cucumber and squash plant.

I’ve very pleased with it all.

I have lots of new plants to talk about and cover soon. Of course they aren’t really new. A new plant to a gardener is one that hasn’t been planted in gardens in a while. Funny how pervasive gardening trends can be. Although I have a stark, modern interior to my home I’m not sure I’m ready for stark exterior. I’ve noticed this minimalist combined with xeriscape trend seems to be growing.

I lost a wax myrtle this week. The front yard actually looks better with out it. However I’m troubled that it looked fine a few weeks ago when I was putting out mulch, then suddenly died. It had very small wood dwelling/eating insects all through it. I believe they were Southern bark beetles. If you are looking for pictures of damage from and pictures of Texas wood eating insects you won’t find a more comprehensive site than the Forestry one. There is also Texas A&M’s site on tree boring insects which has a ton of useful information.

And my pineapple reappeared. I found the poor thing hiding in the cat house trying its hardest to grow with no light, soil or water. I replanted it and tied it down this time. I’ll leave them both tied and staked to the ground until they get large enough to hold their own against what ever keeps uprooting and stealing them.

Mercer’s sale was wonderful as always. We came home with about 30 plants which are all happily in the ground now. I’ve several ginger bulbs planted out front, orchid bulbs in the woodland section and all sorts of other loot scattered about. It should look impressive here by late summer.

Did every one hear the news about purple garden glasses? Wearing purple glasses shows you plant stresses so you know your plants need help before they turn brown and die. I’m not sure if any purple glasses will work or just the $50 ones advertised? Also I couldn’t find any scientific papers on purple glasses and plants so take this one with more than a grain of salt. Sounds like a scam to me. But if I find some cheap ( $5 or less ) purple glasses, I may just give it a shot.

I’m attending a garden blogging conference this coming weekend. I’m hoping to find ways to improve this blog, tour some cool gardens out in Austin and meet some other bloggers.