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Conservation through cultivation

Society Garlic ( Alliaceae Tublighia violacea )

This is a plant that took forever for me to id. The more common a plant is, the less likely it is to be found in the local garden books.

Society garlic is a South African native.

Society garlic grows from a bulb and loves the heat. If winters are colder than normal it will bloom later than it will after a warm winter. Society garlic will bloom as long as the weather is warm. The leaves remain green through out the winter.

Plant in full to part sun.

Watering needs are average and it is drought tolerant, but will flower less during a drought.

Mine clearly needs some dividing, that will likely have to keep until next fall.

The leaves will reach 8″ to a 12″ in height the flowers are raised tall on stalks a foot or more above the top of the leaves.

This is a low maintenance plant and works well as a border plant. The flowers have a pleasant smell, the leaves smell like garlic if damaged. So it is not a good plant for a walkway border.

Some sources say the name comes from the fact you can eat this garlic and it will not cause bad breath, other sources say it is toxic. Some claim it will repel bugs from your garden.  I use it just as an ornamental.

Survived just fine through 3 months of 100’F plus days and no rain