Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

200 bags of mulch, you take one down and pass it around

The grass is gone out back, and there’s not much left of it out front. It took dozens of bags of dirt, and 200 bags of mulch, but it’s all done now. ( But a larger percentage of neighbors have decided I’m a bit daffy. They couldn’t believe we didn’t hire someone to do this. )

Fortunately for me Mercer’s March Mart is this week. I’m hoping to get some cool plants to fill in a bit on the back left and out front.

The tomatoes are doing so well in the pots I thought I’d get brave and toss a couple in the ground. It’s a wee bit early still for peppers. Those go in the end of this month. I also put in a cucumber plant.

The starlings are gone to where ever they spend the summer and the humming birds are coming in. I see more each day. I went by the rookery and the herons and egrets are just finishing up the next building. I didn’t see any robins this year. Normally they come through in herds and eat all our worms. They must have migrated slightly east or west of us this year.

I have this one very confused woodpecker, same species that drinks out of the humming bird feeder all summer, that has been trying to dig a hole in the house to nest. She didn’t get very far in the stucco. I tried tossing ping pong balls at the window from inside and going out and clapping, nothing worked. She spent a week tapping away all day. Finally I started shaking the trees near the window and that worked. I guess because it was closer to her than me on the ground? Someone found a hummingbird nest and took photos from the initial nest to eggs to babies back to empty nest. The photos are wonderful.

The gardenias and other shrubs are beginning to put out new leaves. The larkspur is putting out more blooms already. I only put that in the ground a few weeks back. It’s still early but here and there I’m seeing signs of new life. I put out a second pineapple to grow this year and some critter absconded with it before it had been in the dirt 24 hours. Next time I’ll tie it down.

One of the nicer things about spreading mulch yourself in the spring is you get a good look at each and every plant as you work around it. I feel like I’ve been re-introduced to long lost friends.