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Plant moving time

It’s time to move the plants. January and up till the middle of February is an excellent time to relocate plants that aren’t happy in their current locations, or that you are not happy with them in their current location.

I love my passion vine but this bed is way too small for it. There isn’t enough room for the roots to develop as much as they need to do. And it’s been attacking people. All summer into the fall no matter how often I beat it back, there it would be — stems outreached grabbing onto visitors. It now has a home along the fence that lines the alley way where the ac units are located. It should do well there. It is wetter and not as sunny but passionflower vines are not picky plants.

Remember when you move plants to remove as much of the leaves and stem as you have removed in roots. The plant won’t be able to feed itself otherwise and will have a much more difficult time settling into its new home.

I belong to an orchid of the month club. Which is nice, but before too long your home gets overrun with orchids. Last summer I put two Cattleya orchids outside in pots. They did ok over the summer and to my great delight wintered over with no damage. I did not cover them on our cold nights. I just left them to see how they would do. The pots were concrete so that would keep them a bit warmer at night than a plastic pot. ( They are rated for zones 10B and south. ) They are now in the bed that held the passionflower plant. They won’t need much room for roots being epiphytes and should be well sheltered there. The heat from the house and the wall of the garage should keep that bed a bit warmer than most. The one problem may be that it is too sunny there. If so, I will put up a small fence there to block a bit of sun. For now I’m just going to wait and see how they do.

I also moved this year’s amaryllis bulbs outside. The two bulbs I planted last winter at this time are just starting to bud.

It feels so good to be back outside playing in the dirt!

Now I’ll start going through each bed one by one, yanking weeks and inspecting the plants as time allows. We’ll also be covering more of the lawn as we get time. I’m hoping to have a jungle with a winding paths through it when everything is completed.

And I ran across a cool blog entry on how people are using potted plants to green up Tokyo

And to my other garden bloggers is anyone going to Garden Bloggers Spring Fling in Austin? I’m debating it and would be more interested in going if any of you all will be attending.

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