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Mulching and Fertilizing and Cool Plant Finds

I have had kangeroo paws on my plant wish list for what seems like forever. While buying mulch today I stumbled across some at HD. I don’t know much about them yet, except they are really cool. The tag says don’t plant in humid climates. Obviously someone’s idea of a joke.

And I found a second split leaf philodendron. I’ve been very pleased with the first one and it was on the list of this year’s plants to buy. I’ve got to collect a lot of plants to fill in all these beds I’m expanding. We still have some grass to remove out back but I’m confident it’ll be gone before the warm weather.

Turns out tree ferns want far more sun than I’ve been giving mine so I moved them both this past weekend.

The first of the beds to get mulched are the ones along the driveway and the cattleya orchid bed. Now that I’ve fired the yard guys and expanded all the beds, I’m going to be hauling a whole lot of mulch. But it’s good for me. Right?

I also picked up some slow release fertilizer today.  They had some in the plant section at $20/8 pounds and the same thing in the lawn fertilizer section at $10/10 pounds.  Be sure to check the lawn section when buying fertilizer.  Just be sure it isn’t ‘weed and feed’.

I have learned so much in the Master Gardener’s Class, I have a long list of topics I hope to cover and stacks of notes to turn into articles. I’ve several excellent books I’m working through I’ll add some articles and update others with what I learn in the books.  I’ll also post some more recommended books if I like them. There is a whole list of plants in my yard I haven’t yet covered so expect a lot more plant entries coming. And  I’ll  be writing articles on any new plants I acquire this year.  In addition I  have a long list of excellent online resources.  I’ll be checking them out and updating my resource list soon.

Two more weeks of class, then we take a trip for a week, then I’ll be buckling down and digging out my desk and digging into more cool garden stuff, and mulching, I’ll be doing lots and lots of mulching.

And I received a note this week that the Houston Museum of Natural History, Cockrell Butterfly Center is having a spring butterfly plant sale Apr. 12th. 9-3. It’s on the Garden Events Calendar and I’ll be attending that one myself as well.