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Clerodendron indicm

OK, I admit it doesn’t look like much now but you all will be lusting after this plant once it settles in a bit and starts to bloom. I picked this up at the Jerry’s Jungle plant sale in Oct.

It is out of it’s pot, planted and settling in just fine now. In time it will bloom profusely with thousands of tiny flowers covering the plant. It is also known as the ‘shooting star plant’. Blooms come late fall, I had a few in November.

It will reach about 10′ tall and is a fast grower, and a heavy eater – fertilize often.

It has average watering needs, less in the winter, more in the summer.

It will grow in full sun to partial shade.

This one was a dud – first it grew up, then up some more, at about 15′ high it tipped over and I’d nothing that long to stake it too so I gave up and ripped it out.

I’ll post blooming pictures next fall.

Clerodendron indicm is not the showiest of the clerodendron, it tends to grow on long stalks from the ground which lean over like a weeping plant when flowering. Don’t prune it or it won’t flower.  Flowering doesn’t occur on new wood.  It rarely flowers in this area.

Cleorodendron trichotomum aka ‘Fragrant Glory Bower’ is red and grows to ~12′ and flowers about once a month. This one can be grown from seed, it is a fast grower.  It prefers part sun/shade and drier soil.

Cleorodendron brungei aka ‘Cashmere Bouquet’ aka ‘Mexican Hydrangea’ is worse than running bamboo, be prepared to flee your home if you plant this.

Cleorodendron paniculatum aka ‘Red Tower’  can reach 6′ in height. This one has larger flowers than the others.  It prefers filtered light.

Clerodendrum wallichii or nutans is a summer bloomer preferring shade in the heat of the afternoon.  We are at the edge of where this one will grow so protect it from cold.