Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

Oh my, what happens to gardeners in cold weather

I had the best of intentions yesterday. I was just going to get a few herbs started for spring.

A few hours later the kitchen looked like this >:(

And although I have a huge pile of garden catalogs I was holding out for my favorite two, the second of which arrived today:

Richters has the most comprehensive list of herb seeds I think you’ll find anywhere. Not only do they have a great selection and quality seeds, but each herb description comes with detailed plant information and uses for the herb.

Plant Delights has the most exotic collection of plants I think you’ll find anywhere and the catalog is full of tidbits about the plants.

I dove into both today and created the first list of things to acquire. As soon as I can convince the children that being sold into servitude to pay for mother’s gardening habit is a good thing I’ll place my orders.