Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

January’s Garden

I was very good today, I set aside my garden catalogs and wish lists and went out in the garden with my laptop to take stock of everything. You’ll see comments posted under all the plants I’ve covered so far as to how they have faired this year. I’ll try to do that again late spring.

I’m very happy with the way this garden came out. It was not cheap however, they really soak you on the succulents. Fortunately they have all thrived.

The herb bed is still a wreck but I can see progress, the garden in front of the herb bed is too new to say. I’m just hoping they all winter over ok. I am very pleased with the sugar cane. The pot and one outside the picture hold cattleya orchids that have done well with the cold. My house is getting over run I’m hoping some orchids can be permanently moved to outside. I’m testing catts now.

This bed was very cheap and I’m very happy with it. Much more than I thought I’d be. I’ll put mulch over the leaves in the spring.

I covered no plants during our last cold spell. Someone has to experiment and see how everything does. You’ll see a Jan. comment under each plant telling you how it faired.

Something shredded by Turk’s Cap while I was out of town. All the branches had been ripped down and left hanging. Probably a squirrel looking for nest material? Any how I cut the branches off, dipped them in rooting hormone and planted them. They will root or not? I’m told this is an excellent time of year to trim branches off plants you’d like to propagate. Rooting hormone powder can be found at any plant supply place for a couple of dollars.

I’ve noticed several tropical birds this week at the feeder. One is yellow bellied with black and white wings and one is yellow bellied with a green body. No pictures yet, they still spook when they see me. I think it is a female painted bunting. ( Correction: these are finches ) They like the suet I put out for my woodpeckers. I also put some tropical bird food in the feeder. The regulars don’t like it. But I was doing errands and every placed was mobbed just before Christmas so that’s what the birds are getting this month.

March Mart is coming soon. Mercer has a new deal this year. If you have a supporting membership or higher ( $100 ) you will get a vip badge and be allowed in at 7 am Friday, an hour before the public is allowed in to the sale. You’ll get a full vip treatment as well, but getting into March Mart early is the big bonus.