Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

Who turned off the heat?

It sure turned into fall quick! The plants are thrilled not to be baking in the sun and anything that can bloom this time of year is happily doing so.

I finally fired that yard guy. He wiped out one too many plants. We’ve been spraying the lawn with RoundUp, laying newspaper on top and dirt on top of that. We’re removing about a 6’x6′ area each week. I’m hoping to have very little grass out front and none out back by the time spring rolls around. Of course that means there’ll be a whole lot more gardens to fill up. I can’t wait.

The Houston Chronicle expanded their gardening section. It looks promising, time will tell.

Fred spends most of his time outside sitting just outside my office window where he can see me. Fred’s brain is wired to chase any thing that moves horizontally. The squirrels are busy collecting food and burying it for the winter. They are wired to do this and for some reason they seem to be wired to plant it all in my garden. Fred and the squirrels are having some difficulties, each trying to be true to his brain wiring. So the squirrels sit on the trees outside my office window and bark at Fred all day.