Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

Lady slipper aka Slipper plant ( Pedilanthus macrocarpus )

lady slipper cactus flower

I just can’t get enough unusual plants. Once settled in the slipper plant will have several stems about 3′ tall and be self supporting. It will spread to about 3′ across as well. In warmer drier Arizona it will reach about 6′ and 6′ across.

It wants lots of sun and little water. Some gardeners claim it is frost sensitive some say it is not. It may depend on how well settled in and happy it is. It will flower with bright red flowers.

Native to a mountain range in Mexico it will grow happily in containers as well. It is becoming a favorite in xeriscaped gardens. And who’d’ve thought it but I’m told humming birds like the flowers.

I found a mild winter in Houston didn’t bother it too much. The first flower arrived May 12th.

However a later cold winter killed it off.