Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

Chilling in the garden

I thought I’d have more cool things to talk about in November. I had some cool talks to attend in October and November but the speakers blew us off. That seems to be going around now. Then the usual Thanksgiving chaos hit with a bit more chaos than usual this year. And it got cold and I’m a wimp so I wasn’t out in the garden near as much as I’d like. I haven’t even covered any more grass lately.  ( But it has warmed up again so perhaps some progress can be made this weekend. )

Things go well in the garden. Some plants are not thrilled about the cold, but most of them are quite happy to be out of the summer heat and sun. I think the castor plant bought it, much to my great dismay. But I’ll leave it in the ground till spring. Many a plant I thought dead turned out to only be playing possum so I’m not so quick to remove plants. We’ll see if it puts out some new leaves come spring.

The black bamboo put up a second shoot this week. I’m excited! The shoot is still small, about 6″ tall. I wonder if there will be a time when new bamboo shoots make me cringe rather than glow?

The roses are still blooming, some of the newer ones are a bit warped from the cold but the roses seem to bloom larger in the cooler weather so I don’t mind so much.

The more delicate orchids are in for the winter, most are still roughing it outdoors.

I’m seeing less birds in the yard, but I’m seeing a larger variety. I’ve seen the hawk here looking for dinner a few times. So the birds come, they eat, they leave, instead of hanging out.