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Do your plant shopping like Jack Bauer catches terrorists

I was reading a story on Life Hacker suggesting you use your cell phone camera to create a to-do list by photographing things you need at the store. It didn’t seem like a timesaver, I just type them into my to do list.

But it occurred to me that it is a great way to put together a list of plants to purchase a the local nursery. How many times have you walked by a garden or through a park and thought ‘That’s a really cool plant, I need one of those” and then promptly forgot to look up its name? Or you have gotten to a nursery, described a plant and gotten a blank stare from some high school kid who can’t believe you are bothering him? Now you can show your picture of the plant to someone at the nursery and get ‘oh yes, those are ***** and they are right over here.’

I can take pictures of my poor dying pittsoporum and ask what is this fungus that is destroying my plants and get an id as to whether it is angle or some other fungus. Then I can obtain the correct fungicide or what ever else it is I might need for the plant. Want to know what that insect is that is chowing down on your tomatoes? Same thing, get the critters mug shot on your camera, and take it to your nursery or extension office for an id.

Or you can go totally nerdy and do like Jack Bauer and email the photo to your local extension office with a description of the problem or plant and get an email back to your phone. Probably it won’t work as fast as it does for Jack but you’ll still be the coolest high tech gardener on your block.