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San Antonio Botanical Gardens

San Antonio Botanical Gardens are only a few miles from downtown. To my regret I only had an hour to spend there, I could easily and happily have spent half a day there.

There are several theme gardens, five green houses with different gardens inside and several small cottages set up with different ‘water wise’ gardens. I highly recommend a trip if you are out that way.

I believe this is ‘Angel’s Trumpet’? No matter, I’ll find out, I decided I must acquire one after seeing this gorgeous plant. ( note: I did find one at the Mercer Garden Faire and have it planted out back. )

This too is on my list of things to purchase. The common name is ‘Cat’s Whiskers’. ( totally appropriate ) It was in a water wise garden and bordered on the back by knock out type roses.

This is one of the green houses. This is totally full of desert plants. Each green house had its own theme.

This is the tropical plant green house. Is that Elephant Ear too cool or what? And those Staghorn Ferns are amazing too.

This is one of the themed outdoor areas, Texas Southwest Native Plants.

The gardens are not large, much smaller than our Mercer Gardens, but every inch of the gardens was put to good use and every garden was spectacular. There was a ‘blind’ theme garden that was full of herbs and other interestingly scented plants. I thought that was a very nice idea. If you are any where even remotely close to this garden I recommend a trip.

San Antonio Botanical Gardens