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Conservation through cultivation

Fall cometh

The leaves are falling. The yard guys have been blowing the leaves into the flower beds so I can bag up the leaves instead of them. I’ll have to put a stop to that as soon as I can catch them. They seem to have a knack for showing up when I am not here. Last year it took me about 6 full days of work to undo their fall leaf cleaning. That’s not going to happen twice.

Everything is growing again after the summer siesta. My tomato plants ( take 3 ) even put out some flowers this week.

I went to my first Extension Office sale last weekend. Several of them had sales last weekend, I hit the Conroe office and what a score. There were lots of tried and true plants and more to my taste quite a few unusual plants. There were Master Gardeners everywhere answering questions. I came home with a lady slipper cactus, some more amaryllis family lilies, I love them because the deer don’t. I bought an interesting begonia, yellow shrimp plant, pitcher plants, bat faced cuphea, spiderwort and a couple of others. I’ll be doing write ups on them as I have time to photograph them and find out how to take care of them.

I asked the experts at the extension office about my dying pittsoporums. They said lots of people are having problems with plants just rotting in the ground this year and that was probably the case here as well. The leaves I brought didn’t tell them anything. They suggest picking up some anti fungal products at Lowes/HD or where ever and removing the plants then treating the soil so new plants are not infected. So I hope to get to that this week.

I have two crinium lilies I purchased at March Mart this year. One has spread like no tomorrow. The other hasn’t put out a single leaf. The one that hasn’t put out a leaf put out flowers this week. Go figure. They are only a couple of feet apart.

I tried a new ( for me ) lawn removal method. I sprayed the grass with RoundUp, covered it with 2 sheets of newspaper and dumped about 3″ of soil on top of that. I took a knife and put several holes in the newspaper so water wouldn’t puddle there and wash away my soil. We’ll see how that works. If it does it will certainly save my knees quite a bit of wear and tear.

Today I was at the Garden Club meeting and we had a speaker on flower arranging. She came up and announced she spends far too much time making table center pieces for church events since she is very active in the Southern Baptists and a member of the Southern Baptists Convention. She showed us how to make table decorations with wine bottles. ( If you didn’t have to re-read that you weren’t paying attention 😉 ). She made some very nice arrangements with dry and fresh flowers in decorated wine bottles. Did you know there are pretty already decorated wine bottles you can buy at the wine store? I didn’t, I’ll have to go look now. There also is a gadget you can get at hobby stores that has blinking lights and is run by batteries. You insert the blinking lights into the bottle and hide the wire and batteries under your arrangement.

And I received a letter from the Extension office, they took in everyone who applied for the Master Gardener class so I’ll be attending that starting in January!!!! It’ll be a larger crowd than they normally accept but that’ll just make it more interesting.