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Moving blogs and plants

As some of you have noticed, I’ve moved. It was time to leave Blogger, I needed more sophisticated blogging software and a website that wouldn’t flake out around the 20th or so of each month. It wasn’t easy. I had six blogs to move and anything that could go wrong did. Some things more than once. But I’ve moved and everything is back up and running somewhat smoothly now. It was a very good thing I had a few posts pre-written.

I have an article coming up on the 19th about bee gardening. Of course any bee garden is also going to be a hummingbird and butterfly garden. It sounded so good I started a bee/butterfly/humming bird garden under the small magnolia out back. That bed is surrounded by heather which is full of bees already so it seemed a good location.

The ruby throated humming birds have been back about a week now. As always they are fighting and quite vocal when I’m out and about in the yard. If the rain stops I’ll try to get out there with a camera and snap a few pictures to post.

I moved the aloe out to the bed along the driveway and added in another aloe and yucca plant. I’m thinking that might make a nice south-western flavored pocket garden. I have an article on pocket gardens coming up the 28th of this month.

Everything seems to be settling in in the new back bed that got tore up when the electric company had to replace the transformer. The tomato plants are growing, they’d be happier with more sun and less rain no doubt.

I’m looking forward to putting in lots more plants now that the weather is cooling down a bit.