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Conservation through cultivation


So I finally made some time to finish beating back the jasmine that is threatening to eat us all. I couldn’t reach the last 10′ or so and put DH on the job. He managed to remove the remaining jasmine from the pine. But he also managed to tip over two dead trees in the neighbor’s yard that the jasmine was holding up. Whoops. Right now they are precariously balanced on the fence between the properties. We have visitors coming in from out of town and the neighbor ( who was very understanding ) has been traveling a lot now so it may be a few weeks before we all get the dead trees removed.

. . . fast forward a week . . .

The neighbor removed the dead trees and that same day the transformer blew for the neighborhood. Turns out the transformer is underground under the fence between mine and that same neighbor’s yard. It would seem that fence is determined to get itself removed one way or another. The transformer is fixed, one dozen guys and half a dozen hours later, but my elephant ears, toad flowers, a few mother in law’s tongues and Japanese Spindle may have been sacrificed to the the gods of electricity.

I gave them some fertilizer and trimmed off the trampled leaves. Nothing to do now but wait and hope.

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