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Tomatoes take three

It is funny, tomatoes are one of those plants that grow effortlessly in New England. On Memorial Day you stick your plants in the ground. By mid August they are 6′-8′ tall and each one has given you 20 or 30 large tomatoes.

DH handled last years crop. Nary a single tomato did we get. The plants only got to a few feet tall and were the scraggliest tomato plants I’d ever seen.

This spring I tried. We’ve picked about 6 small tomatoes and the plants are scragglier than last year.

The most common comments on growing tomatoes here are that they won’t grow in clay, they need real dirt, and they need full sun.

But I read in the Chronicle that now was the time to put in your second crop of tomatoes so I’m giving it a third try.

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