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Houston Zoo

This was the first chance I had to get down to the zoo. It’s down in the south side of Hermann Park just under the Museum District and near Rice Village. ( So there are lots of good places to dine afterwards. )

I wouldn’t normally be talking about zoos and wild animals and strange critters on a garden blog but the grounds of the zoo are as amazing as the critters. Most of the walkways are covered in ancient live oaks. We don’t have them in New England. There are very few live oaks in The Woodlands even, but I’ve grown to love them.

There are a few topiaries at the beginning. Lots and lots of bamboo. Lots and lots of tropical plants scattered between animal exhibits and between all those wonderful live oaks. And ferns, oh the ferns! They had these enormous ferns, totally prehistoric looking. I loved them all.

For a while, while we were there it down poured as it can only do in a very warm climate. It felt like we were in a rain forest. More so than usual because of all the primate and bird noise. We had taken shelter by the tiger cage, he clearly wasn’t enjoying the rain as much as we were.

I’m sorry going through the photos today that I took as few as I did of the grounds and gardens. I’ll just have to make another trip.