Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

Different landscape styles

One of the first things I noticed down here was the landscaping was all backwards. In New England we put large trees and shrubs at the outer edge of the yard and progressively smaller plants working in towards the house.

Down here people put trees, bamboo, large shrubs right next to the house and progressively smaller plants working away from the house.

We work so hard to keep the windows clear of plants in New England to let in light and provide a view. Here windows get covered up so when you look out the window you see the plant.

I hated it at first. I could not imagine why you’d cover up all those wonderful windows. I have to say it is beginning to grow on me over time.

There is something nice about looking out a window into a stand of bamboo. Or looking at bird sitting on a branch in a tree just inches from your window. It feels like you are living in a jungle or forest rather than a city.

Another thing that jumps out at you is large leafed plants. You don’t see many large leafed plants up north. Planting plants with large leaves always gives a tropical feel to a garden. And large plants jump out at you. We have large trees and shrubs at home but it is rare to see non-woody plants in large sizes. They look prehistoric to me. I love them all and am intentionally adding super sized plants to the gardens. While hunting for some new oddities for the garden I ran across this:

Super Size Elephant Ear

How cool is that? And as soon I can purchase and bulldoze the neighbor’s home to make room I’m going to plant one. Just kidding, I am actively looking for an interesting location for one in my garden. I also ordered their catalog so I can see what other odd, very large plants they might have of interest.

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