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Conservation through cultivation

White Veined Dutchman’s Pipe ( Aristolochia fimbriata )

Dutchman’s pipe can be grown in a hanging basket, up a trellis, or as a ground cover.

Dutchman’s pipe flowers all summer. It attracts butterflies; in particular swallow tails who use it as a host plant. The flowers on this variation are much smaller than the traditional Dutchman’s pipe flowers growing to only about 1.5″ across. Flowers produce pods when fertilized.

It will die back in winter and re-appear in the spring.

It does much better in sun than shade and doesn’t seem to mind damp areas.

Spreader, like all vines. I find it re-appears in the ground as far as 15′ from the original plant. Slow to spread but spreads in many directions and locations at once.

Dutchman’s pipe is a native of South America.

Pipevines are all toxic. The caterpillars who eat the pipe vines in turn become toxic and less likely to be eaten by birds or larger insects.

Surviving and occasionally blooming during the on going 3 month drought and extreme heat.

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