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Conservation through cultivation

The pine nuts are ripe

We’re getting sunshine some days and rain other days. The plants are doing better with some sun.

My elephant ears were so beaten up in the last rainstorm they fell over. I’m thinking they want a new home anyhow. I staked them up until I decide where to put them. The mother-in-laws tongues are doing very well, I’ve new leaves pushing through the ground on all of them. They should fill in that shady, dry side bed nicely. There’s not a lot that will grow happily in the shade in a dry location. I put the African spear plant out there as well. I think it wants more sun than it will get there but I thought I’d experiment anyhow.

The rosemary is toast. I cut it back to the ground and I’ll see if it will grow back from the roots. It seems unlikely but there’s no harm in trying. The lemon grass and basil are doing well. The rest of the herbs look shabby as do the tomatoes and peppers.

The Dutchman’s pipe and banana plant are growing in leaps and bounds. Still no bananas but I’m told it’ll take a couple of years.

Everything else seems happy, no bugs, and not many weeds this week either.

That woodpecker that was drinking from the hummingbird feeder is still at it. I guess she is not going to out grow it, though she is growing wider. She spends 15 to 20 minutes at a time, several times a day slurping down that sugar water. The hummingbirds try to chase her off by she’s not impressed with them.

And lastly the pine nuts are ripe. I know this because I can’t walk in the yard with out pine nut scales falling on my head. The squirrels are gathering the pine cones, pulling off the scales to get to the nuts and dropping the scales every where. In some parts of the yard they will be a couple of inches deep before the season is over. And don’t forget the shoes! Those pine cone scales are pointy like thorns.

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