Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation


{ I’m not sure if this heron was just enjoying the sun or flashing me? }

We’ve had a full week of sunshine now. All the local wild life are much happier as are my plants. The elephant ears, snake plants, bamboo and aloe are doing extremely well.

The herb garden, tomato, and pepper plants so do not look happy. Nor does the curly rush. I may try moving the curly rush later this week.

The hostas and crapes are making lots of flowers. They should be really pretty next week. The orchids I have outside are happy, one of the cattleyas is getting ready to bloom again. The passionvine is blooming profusely as is the Mexican heather. The roses are resting right now.

There are no signs of mealy bugs, or those web building critters that like to cover my yaupons. However something has eaten several holes in the ginger out back. I’ll have to investigate that further.

The deer damage out front is either worse than I first thought or they came back for seconds. They seem especially fond of the hostas.

DH tells me the weather men claim the rain is coming back next week but what do they know?

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