Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

In the city

The rain let up enough this week that I could spend more than a few minutes in the garden in one spot with out sinking in the mud up to my knees. So I took advantage of solid ground and began to beat back the jasmine. I usually give all the vines a severe pruning right after they flower. The jasmine has escaped up till now and it has also escaped up the pine tree about 30′. The bottom 15′ or so is clear now. It’ll take some more work to get the top part back under control.

I went into Houston proper yesterday and visited a friend and wandered about the city some. We went by Another Place in Time and Buchanan’s. Both are excellent nurseries. Another Place in Time had several orchids, nepenthenes, and assorted other tropical plants. Buchanan’s is larger and also had a wonderful selection of tropicals. I purchased a Giant Dutchman’s Pipe there. That’s been on my plant wish list for several months.

We also went down to the Waugh Bat Colony to see the bats come out at dusk. There is parking on Allen near the fountain. You’ll know you are in the right place by the smell. It was really cool to see them all come out. As the sun sets you start to see a few flying under the bridge. They dart and flitter about far too quickly to get a good shot with the camera. Bats coming out grow in number and it is as if someone poked a stick in a hornets nest. By dark there are thousands of flying critters swarming and darting about. Some head in groups down the river, others seemed content to dart about under the bridge. It’s worth a trip to see if you are in and about Houston at dusk.