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Fall vegetable planting guide

The Houston Chronicle had an interesting gardening column this week. It was about what to plant for a fall crop of vegetables.

The end of July is when you plant tomatoes for a fall crop.

Green beans, pea pods and summer squash get planted in Sept.

Broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and other cool weather crops can be planted any time between Sept. and January.

Lettuce can be planted between October and spring.

Spinach should be sown in late October or early November.

Onions should wait until January.

But more recently I attended a lecture by Bill Welch on Fall Vegetable gardening in Houston, here are some tips for you:

– Use some ( a lot ) of mushroom compost, I’m told it’s easy to find.

– Use small tomatoes for fall crops, cherries for instance

– Thin early, thin often for root vegetables, especially radishes and carrots

– Look for early hybrids, the shorter days hurt even though our temperatures stay warm. You can get short day varieties for onions, they’ll do well here.

– Spinach needs deep soil and you’ll likely need to add calcium and lots of nitrogen

– Carrots don’t do well here, sweeter varieties do the best if you are going to plant some

– Artichokes do well in the fall, but are very frost sensitive

– Last summer’s peppers will reflower and fruit for you in the fall

– Last summer’s tomatoes will not do so well, pull ’em up, be sure to give the roots a once over to check for nematodes.

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