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Does it ever stop raining?

I’m reading this weeks garden articles in the newspapers and the Florida and California papers are all discussing how to help your plants survive a drought and what to plant that is drought tolerant. I’m just hoping the plants I’ve put in in the last two years have strong enough roots that they won’t get washed out and into the Gulf.

It is raining again. Last year we had what seemed like a year long stretch of sunshine and 90′ days. I kept hoping for a rainy day just to break up the monotony. Be careful what you wish for.

This year it seems like we’ve had rain every day. It’s a tricky rain too. It doesn’t rain all day. It rains just a couple of hours at a time. But you never know which couple of hours. It can go from bright sunshine to tropical down pour in a matter of minutes here. This leaves me little time to scoot my bike to the nearest shelter. I have them all memorized now. Bike riding consists of darting from one shelter to the next.

The black bamboo loves the rain. The first new shoot appeared two weeks ago and it shot up to six feet tall this week. It should start leafing out soon. The hostas are putting out the first of the flowers this week despite not having seen the sun in months. When the sun does shine it is never in a spot to hit that patch of garden. The crepes are putting out blooms and are about half bloomed out right now. Surprisingly the aloe I planted this spring is doing very well. I thought for sure the lack of sunshine and excess of water would have done it in but it seems to be adapting.

The rosemary is dying, too much water. The tomatoes are not putting out flowers or tomatoes despite the cooler nights we are having. They too miss the sun. And I’m pretty sure the carrots have all rotted in the ground.

The mosquito dunks are helping keep the mosquitoes down. I can garden in the daylight with out getting eaten alive. Or it may just be they have all been washed out to sea by the downpours?

I added a garden calendar to the side bar. I kept missing talks I wanted to attend and I noticed many of you searching for local events so there they are. It’ll be a few more weeks before I’ve located all the things to do that I should be listing. If you want any events added to the calendar drop me a note or add a comment and I’ll add those events into the list.

Also I added a list of plants I’ve covered so far to the side bar. I did it to make it easier for you all to find specific plant information. I also did it so I could remember which plants in the yard I had identified and made notes on. I found two entries on Sago palms while I was making up the list. If I couldn’t find stuff around here I’m pretty sure no one else could either.

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