Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

Summer time is here

*Turns out this little guy is a downy woodpecker. They or one of there cousins makea a ring of holes in your pine tree so the sap leaks out and keeps predators from climbing the tree and getting into their nests.

Do you think it’s been raining enough? Everything is soggy and the plants are wilting from all the water. The cats are thoroughly grouchy. Every time I open the back door I can smell mold and there is nothing like a moldy cat to kick off those allergies and a dash for the Sudafed.

The Crepe Myrtles are beginning to bloom and shed their bark. My black timor bamboo has its first new spike coming up through the ground. It grows about 3″ a day! The mother in law’s tongues I moved late last spring have new leaves pushing up as well.

I’ve a young woodpecker who comes by one of the humming bird feeders several times a day for a drink. She has quite the sweet tooth. There is fresh water not a few feet from the feeder. I don’t know how much longer she’ll be able to get his beak into the feeder so that should straighten itself out with time.

I have several lizards running around the yard missing tails. I suspect Kazoo is responsible for that. Fred keeps showing up at the back door with frogs and toads hanging out of his mouth.

There is little pruning or weeding to do this time of year. It’s a good time to take in talks. I heard one on butterflies this week, the notes are scheduled for posting July 4th.

The mealy bug did show up on the roses. I cut off those sections and gave all the roses a good spray of orange oil.

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