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*&^%$ squirrels

I have one Bird Feeder that has gone two years with out the squirrels getting in to the feed at all.

So I was feeling my oats and purchased a nice copper one at Smith and Hawkins, thinking maybe these squirrels weren’t so bad. I hung it from a tree, added a squirrel baffle and waited. Three months go by all is well. Well almost well. It is a messy feeder and squirrels were collecting on the back porch despite those lazy cats.

Friday, I came down in the morning and low and behold if there isn’t a suburban rat sitting in the feeder pigging out. A cup of coffee later and the feeder was down and cleaned and heading for the garage.

But the birds really missed that feeder so I thought I’d give it another try.

So Saturday we made a trip to HD and picked up a 10′ section of copper pipe, a 2′ section of copper pipe, 2-90′ elbows and a cap for the pipe. As you can see in the picture it turned out well and wasn’t but a few minutes work. There are holes drilled and set screws inserted into the elbows to keep things from sliding. The feeder had a loop which we just slipped over the pipe. The squirrel baffle is now mounted under the feeder instead of over it.

I put some grease on the pipe anyhow. I don’t think they can climb the pipe but sliming the little devils is not such a bad deterrent. However, the grease all melted and ran down the pipe. Some things work better up north than down here.

So far it is holding its own, time will tell if it is truly squirrel proof or just another step in the arms race against them.

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