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Mercer summer plant sale and garden notes

We did make it out to the summer plant sale at Mercer it was much smaller and far less crowded than March Mart. There were lots of gingers, bamboos and several unusual plants.

Always on the lookout for new or unusual plants I managed to find a ‘Drimiopsis Kirkii’ aka Giant Squill, Black Elephant ears, a Beauty Berry bush, and a Dutchman’s pipe. It’s just a regular Dutchman’s pipe. I’m still hoping to find a giant one. They also had some orchids and DH picked one up as a house plant that we did not yet have in our collect.

This time of year in the garden is quiet. The spring weeding is done, fertilizing is done and there’ll only be light pruning until fall arrives.

There are some grapes, peppers and a few more sorry looking tomatoes to harvest this week. I’m disappointed that neither my peacock flower or agapanthus bloomed. The peacock plant has been moved to a sunnier location, next year is it’s last chance. The agapanthus is still small I just planted it last year. I’m hoping it’ll bloom later this year or next.

I saw the most wonderful garden down in the mansion district. It had hollyhock, foxgloves, agapanthus and snap dragons. I’m going to try to do a small section like that next year.

The squirrels are multiplying and storing stuff in my orchids that are outside for the summer. >:( I’m not yet sure what to do about them. The super soaker has not impressed them. I’m thinking I need one of those toy guns that shoots ping pong balls or something?

The house feels so empty with most of the orchids outside for the summer that I’ve been putting together terrariums with carnivorous plants using the clear glass containers with covers that you can buy now. So far they are doing well.

And since the garden is under control we’ve also been going out bird watching on weekends. There is a rookery full of herons and egrets not far from here.

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