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Attack of the hungry deer

At first I thought my sparkle berries had given up hope of ever seeing the sun or having dry roots again and committed suicide. But further inspection in the yard today shows the deer have had made a gourmet dinner of my garden. The sparkle berries, azalea , Agapanthus and roses were all eaten. What can you do? There are incriminating hoof prints all through the soggy lawn. The plants all look like they will recover.

The web building super tiny bugs have covered one of the Yaupons with webbing. Funny how they like the Yaupons. So I had to climb up the ladder, scrape off what I could reach and give the tree a spray with oil. It usually takes me two to three passes to get them cleared off for the season.

Sunshine two days running now. I think that is record for this year. I’m hoping we are out of that rain every day cycle now.

The squirrels broke into the tree mounted feeder this week. That’s two feeders in one month! Blasted rodents. I can’t really complain, I had two years of use and no squirrels in the feeder. The spring had just gotten too old. The new feeder is holding up well. More so because the blue jays and mocking birds have discovered there are raisins in it and have taken to strafing the squirrels when they are around. The blue jay in particular dislikes the squirrels. The enemy of my enemy …. I made sure to restock the raisins in the feeder today.

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