Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

Garden notes

The magnolia and the miniature magnolia are blooming, as are the lilies, oleanders and gardenias. Lizards are plentiful, much to the cats delight. We’ve had enough rain I haven’t had to water this week.

I’m still seeing scattered hummingbirds at various bushes and at the feeders.

I was speaking with some people at a cookout and found out tomatoes don’t set flowers ( fruit ) once nighttime temperatures get below 75′ ( July + Aug ). So get them in early if you are planting them.

I also found out that salvias are being smoked for their hallucinogenic properties. Who knew? One of the women at the garden club was giving a talk on salvias this month so she had been to purchase several at the nursery. The nursery wanted to know if she had been smoking them?

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