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Conservation through cultivation

Crimson Clover aka Italian Clover ( Trifolium incarnatum )

I meant to write about all the wild flowers back in April, but this week is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and match photos to names. Crimson clover blooms here from early April to early May.

Crimson Clover is native to Europe, but now is found through out the US. It loves full sun, but will tolerate part shade.

It can be invasive and crowd out your other wildflowers so give it some room of its own.

It is often grown as feed for cattle. Cattle ranchers also use it to prevent soil erosion and because of its ability to choke out weeds. It is also used as a winter cover crop to protect the soil.

Like most of the wildflowers that bloom here in the spring it is a reseeding annual. Plant your seeds in the fall.

Crimson Clover is also considered to be an herb.