Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

Still weeding

Gardening this time of year seems to be mostly weeding. I’m still removing baby trees from all the beds. But it seems to be dozens not hundreds so I’m making progress.

The tomato plants survived and the pepper plants with no protection from the cold a week – week and a half ago. Both are showing new growth and the peppers have new flowers on them. The tomato plants are rather wretched looking however.

There are grapes growing on the grape vines already. Last year the birds ate all the grapes. We’ll have to figure out some protection if we want any for ourselves this year.

All of the roses are covered in flowers and the jasmine is blooming. The water irises are just about done blooming for the year.

About half the tiger lilies are up and one of the calla lilies is up. Of the six hostas I put in last summer, 4 have returned. All of the crepe myrtles have leafed out. Things generally seem to be moving along.

I’m letting the cat nip die off. Kazoo seems to have developed a more than healthy taste for it. He parks himself on top of it so Fred can’t get to it and growls when Fred tries to eat any. That’s all I need is a cat with a drug problem.

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