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Quiet week in the garden

There wasn’t too much to do this week in the garden. The weeds are mostly under control. Things are just getting going growing so there isn’t much pruning needed yet either.

I did put out a little iron. Last year the passion flower and tomatoes had yellow leaves with green veins which can be a sign of iron deficiency. I added just a little to each of the beds. HD only had 50 pound bags so I have a life time supply of iron in the garage. They sell it only in dry form, in large bags in the lawn section down here. I had the whole staff of the garden shop looking for it and am sure I am not a popular person there this week.

The Flag Irises are still blooming. The Passion Flower has been blooming for a couple of weeks now. The roses are and have been going strong for months. Every thing is enjoying the rain and cool weather. Cool for Houston anyhow. The oleander is just starting to bloom. Only a few flowers have opened.

The Irises and jasmine are winding down. I don’t think either will still be blooming next week. The wild flowers should be faded as well by the time another week passes.

The last of my hostas popped up this week. Though they are only are few feet apart the earliest ones popped out of the ground over a month ago. Some of the calla lilies are up. I’ve always had a difficult time growing them, both back in New England and down here in Houston.

The wind last night broke a new maple we put in this spring. The yard guys always bring the biggest tree they can find. I find the smaller ones work out better over the long haul. Large transplanted trees don’t weather bad weather well at all. The nursery should replace it. So it shouldn’t be a big deal. My yard guy may see it differently.

The rain has been wonderful. I’ve rarely had to water this spring. Which may explain why the plants look so good despite last winter’s cold. They strongly prefer acidic rain over basic tap water.

A few humming birds have been through the yard. They’ve been passing through in ones and twos for about a month now. In the spring they come, take a drink and continue north. In August they will hang around for a few weeks.

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