Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

Pitcher Plant ( Sarracenia )

These plants grow native in the south eastern US and over as far as Texas.

The funnel shape is to attract insects, these plants are carnivorous and have been known to occasionally eat small critters like frogs.

They grow in bogs and wetlands. I purchased them for the swale garden. But I ended up putting in another bog garden out back. This one is smaller and just has rush and pitcher plants.

They flower in the early spring when they first come out of their winter dormancy.

I find they like filtered light rather than full sun.

They are hardy in zones 6-8 so we are at the lower edge of where they might exist down here.

These ones are just coming out of dormancy, I’ll try to get a better picture once they start growing again.

I just learned that the carnivorous plants want acidic soil. My yard is so basic it is scary. I’m going to re-pot these guys and put them in a pot with gravel and water where I can better control the acidity.

These thrive indoors for me, I’ve yet to grow them successfully outside.  They die back to the ground in the winter, sprout back in the spring, then die in the summer heat. I grow them in terrariums inside, so I don’t think it’s the humidity, just the temperature that is the problem.

People who are growing them successfully outside in Houston keep them in pots and sit the pots in ponds so that the pot is 1/3 or so under water.