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Mercer Garden March Mart

In March each year the Mercer Botanical Gardens holds a plant sale. I missed last years and was looking forward to checking it out this year.

The sale is crowded. I ended up parking a mile or two away. They run shuttle buses constantly bringing people to and from parking to the sale area.

I was told by previous attendants to bring a wagon. I didn’t listen and was sorry for that. The plant sale covers a very large area. Bring something to carry your plants, a wagon, or a husband perhaps? I saw women using the plastic snow sleds to carry plants as well.

I intended to take pictures but was too busy juggling plants to do so.

The plant selection is huge. Everything is in separate sections; herbs, vegetable plants, ferns, gingers, etc. The selection is larger than any 4 nurseries I’ve seen down here combined.

I’ll be sure not to miss the sale next year, and to bring something to carry plants as well. If you have not gone, mark your calendars to check the Mercer web site early next March for sale dates and information.