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Blooms, blooms every where

Society Garlic, aka Tulbaghia violacea is blooming now. These plants would like full sun, but I have mine in dappled to part shade. The information I have says it requires well drained soil yet this is on the out skirts of the swale garden and most certainly not well drained. But it is not in the boggy area either.

Iris Psedacorus L, aka Yellow Flag, aka Water Flag. These Irises grow in marshes, along the edges of ponds and I have them in my swale garden. They don’t bloom for long but are quite showy when they are in bloom. They need to be in water or boggy areas. These ones don’t mind the shade. I’ve seen others thriving in full sun along ponds.

Chinese Photinia serrulata can be used as a shrub or a tree. It is normally a well rounded tree. This one is still recuperating from years of bad pruning. The leaves start out red and later turn green. The flowers are tiny, and last less than a month in the middle of spring.

This white azalea is a bit behind the curve on blooming. As it settles in more it should sink up with the other ones. I put it in the ground last year.

Most of the wildflowers are blooming now and should peak in week or so. The natives treat wildflower season down here much like we New Englanders treat the leaf changing season. People take day trips to go view all the colors and plant children deep in the flowers for photos.

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